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Desai Family LawYour family issues are of importance to us. Divorce and child custody issues are not easy for anyone and we take your individual issues very seriously. Your legal concerns deserve vigorous and aggressive representation be it through mediation or litigation.

Swati Desai is the Founder and Managing Partner at Desai Family Law Group and started her law practice in 2001. From a young age she excelled in public speaking and has a tremendous passion for helping others. She has successfully grown her law firm in Southern California providing family law services both domestically, as well as, internationally. The Family Code and case law has changed over the last few years incorporating new mandates for the LGBTQ community, Blended Families, Unmarried Couples, Step Parents and lots more. The Desai Family Law Group is up to date on all legal and civil matters and will hold your hand right through the entire legal process.


Testimonials from previous clients will reveal that the team at Desai Family Law Group are knowledgeable at ALL facets of family law. However, if you speak to founder Swati Desai, she will say she loves it all, but has a passion for child custody matters. Why? Swati Desai, has a real passion in helping families and couples through frustrating issues that hit close to home. Our goal is to create a solid, court-approved plan for their children because they are the innocent parties in a divorce. The firm does not represent the child and does not promote itself in providing minors counsel. Regardless of the status of both parents, i.e. married or unmarried, be it through mediation or litigation, a well-thought out, court-approved judgment for child custody and visitation issues is the ultimate goal for each case.


In any controversial situation there is an inevitable sense of urgency to get matters sorted — especially if it involves losing your child.  If you feel that your child may be removed from the State of California without your permission, we are able to work on child custody protection requests through the courts on an emergency basis (“ex-parte”) to ensure your child remains in the State of California until such time an order is granted by the courts. This is something we specialize in and are on standby for, for both domestic and international matters. Sometimes one parent may have to relocate to a different state, therefore the matter is not an emergency. However, it is highly recommended that a move away order approved by the courts is put in place. It reduces any form of ambiguity for all parties — especially for the child or children involved.

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