Child Custody Relocation

So you are now divorced and have decided that you don’t like the city you live in. IT HAPPENS! Life has to go on and you have a right to move to a city you feel you can have a better quality of life, or perhaps a new job. The issue is if you are divorced and moving, you will need to get a court mandated order to change to your child custody orders [Child Custody Relocation]. These can be one of the most challenging things you do but we highly recommend you act on it fast. Request for relocations are time consuming, in that they take months and multiple court hearings before they end up concluding.

The truth is, under California law, you cannot just move away for any reason. You cannot deprive your child from the other parent. So you may have a great new opportunity for a job, relocating to serve military duties for the country or re-establishing yourself in a new relationship in a different state. We understand the attention to detail in bringing and defending these requests.

International Move-Aways / International Child Custody Relocation

If you are moving internationally, you cannot uproot your child/children without a court-approved order. These orders are rarely ever stipulated to and almost always require a lengthy court hearing. Our firm is well aware of the Hague Convention and the need for requesting mirror orders in a foreign jurisdiction to ensure California custody orders are upheld in non-Hague countries. The International Hague Convention can greatly impact the enforceability of child custody orders. International moveaways [or child custody relocation] are emotionally draining and you will need someone empathetic, aggressive and articulate to represent you during these proceedings.

We have handled several different types of national and international Child Custody Relocation cases, speak with our team today about your case and lets see how we can help you through family court.