Child Custody Visitation

Our lives are already hectic as it is with work obligations, social commitments, family time, etc. When you are going through a separation and ultimately divorce, that schedule becomes more complex. Why? Your child will need to visit one parent at the specified times as agreed upon by both parents or ordered by the court. You are also solely responsible for getting your child to and from school and extra curricular activities during your custodial time. When one parent cannot adhere to the schedule, this oftentimes lead to friction and arguments between the parents. These are the challenges with child custody visitation.

A day in the life of a typical child is as follows: wake up and get ready for school, stay focused at school, do homework afterschool, extra curricular activities afterschool, eat dinner and spend some family time before going to bed. You are now no longer a team with your spouse, rather you are solely responsible for not skipping a beat in your child’s daily routine. It is absolutely vital for both parents to understand what logistics are involved because every child deserves a stable environment. Having both parents separated is an unsettling experience for the child as it is. Every child psychologist will advocate for routine and stability, both of which will help maintain the psychological well-being for every child.

In California, either parent may be awarded physical or legal custody of the minor child. (Not sure what this means? Click HERE.) The courts want parents to create their own parenting schedule, but often in divorce cases, the conflict is so high, that this is simply impossible or challenging. In such circumstances, the judge will make a decision. Some key factors, which are examined and reviewed during a court hearing, include but are not restricted to:

  1. Health and well-being of each parent
  2. Safety (a history of domestic violence may work against you)
  3. Overall welfare of the child (often with the help of a therapist or counselor for the child)

Once each facet is explored and examined, a schedule is determined. It tends to be as flexible as possible as life is unpredictable. Some parents have jobs that come with shift work or a rotating work schedule. Some families don’t have grandparents to offer back-up baby sitter services. As a result, there becomes a cost associated with child care. All of this will be evaluated to offer the best plan for child custody visitation in the best interest of the child. Some parents have had to schedule their visitations on court approved communication platforms such as Our Family Wizard (OFW).

Therefore, in addition to custody battles, the Desai Family Law Group’s legal expertise is often called upon to settle other child law-related cases.

  • Child Support– When you need to establish the appropriate dollar amount your ex-spouse should be paying, Desai Family Law Group is ready to help you prove that your children deserve the maximum amount of financial support. We will prove that your ex-spouse has the resources to pay more, and assure your children’s stability by obtaining it.
  • Visitation Rights– No one has the right to keep you from your child, including the other parent. If you are a non-custodial parent being denied your visitation rights, Desai Family Law Group will ensure that your right to be with your child is upheld.