Child Support

Calculating child support can be nerve-wracking for either parent. A guideline formula is used by entering the prerequisite information into Dissomaster. Although calculating child support is relatively simple, this can vary depending on how it is presented to the court. The good news is that courts are very fair in allocating child support and maintenance amounts. The bad news is that proving your income and expenses to the court can be tricky. The family courts in California follow strict guidelines to determine how much child support you will pay. At Desai Family Law, we will walk you through:

  1. What information you need to provide if you are employed.
  2. If you are a self-employed business owner, there are various issues to consider and reviewed from your company’s financial information and personal income status. It can often get complex in this type of situation.

The general rule of thumb for child support calculation is that the guidelines are based on the parents’ incomes and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent. The order will continue until the child graduates from high school or reaches the age of 19. At times the child support payment may continue longer if the child is disabled (special needs) and unable to live independently. The Department of Child Support Services enforces child support orders and may choose to take support payments directly from your paycheck.

Can a child support payment be modified? Yes, but the burden of proof has to be robust from changes in income, time spent with the child, etc. We are happy to review the facts and information to determine whether you can bring forward a request for child support modification.

Every parent will want the best for their child but not all situations are the same for child support calculations. There are times when fluctuating incomes may pose threats to one parent while the other is simply job hunting. A child’s life goes on regardless of if a parent is working or not. In the event one parent is fired from a job, what happens to child support? How does the other parent cope with zero child support with the other parent fired? We review every case differently, we cater for each family reviewing each and every circumstance as different.