Virtual Family Law Services

We are offering Virtual Family Law Services as a result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) through either phone of video conferencing capability.  Our attorneys are located in Orange County, California. This is a stressful time for everyone, but your family law issues should not have to pause because of it. Whether you’re stuck in a marriage you need to get out of, need protection from an abusive situation, are having financial problems, or are having issues with custody/visitation of your children, connect with us and ask how we can help you move your case to completion.

Child Custody / Visitation:

The stress of the novel coronavirus has caused many parents to deal with issues they have never faced before. Parents that are separated face even greater challenges with children spending time in two different households. Different households might have different safety precautions being taken. Parents with joint legal custody are required to agree on issues pertaining to their child’s health, safety, education, and welfare.  The “child’s best interest” is the gold-standard test for making decisions regarding the custody of children and the visitation rights of the parents (and grandparents in those cases that include grandparent visitation). Visitation during COVID-19 creates an increased concern of exposure and/or spreading of COVID-19; nonetheless, current custody/visitation orders remain in effect even during this pandemic. Contact us to discuss the delicate balance between following existing court orders, positively coparenting, and also keeping children safe during this time.

Child and Spousal Support:

Many businesses have been temporarily shut down, many people find themselves laid off, under-employed with reduced hours, or not making the same money your business made before. Normally, this would be grounds for a modification of support, and modifications can be retroactive to the date of filing of the request. That being said, with many courts refusing filings of many documents at this time (during their closures), preserving your right to a retroactive modification can be a tricky legal issue. Our office is prepared with creative solutions aimed at protecting your right to a retroactive modification despite court closures.

Domestic Violence:

Counties have announced that they intend to keep the courts open for the filing of domestic violence actions. Domestic violence includes way more than just physical violence: emotional abuse, stalking, harassing behavior, and other behavior that disturbs your peace or the peace of others (including children) are all legally considered domestic violence. These problems are at risk of being compounded by the fact that many people have been ordered to “stay home” together (when these issues might otherwise be easier to ignore when people are not forced to cohabitate). We encourage you to talk to us if you fear you might be in one of these situations, you don’t have to face this situation alone, nor do you have to stay in a situation in which you are being abused.


The closure/minimization of courtroom services makes gathering documents, demanding information from the other side, and preparing your case a prudent task to undertake during this time. That being said, many people try to be evasive with discovery and therefore you need an attorney that knows how to aggressively (when needed) navigate evasive discovery responses (especially during this time).

Pre-/Post-nuptial Agreements:

Many wedding venues and other wedding services companies have closed their doors for business during this time. Many weddings have been delayed and/or canceled. If this is you, you may consider taking advantage of this delay to explore if a prenuptial agreement is right for you. Moreover, since neither a prenuptial nor a post-nuptial agreement requires any court time, this endeavor can be pursued without worry about the court’s schedules.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties:

These are difficult financial times for many people. These difficult times often lead to people making financial maneuvers just to stay afloat. Nonetheless, even in these difficult financial times, there is no excuse for concealing assets, withdrawing or spending money behind your back, or selling/liquidating assets without your consent. Contact us if you believe there may have been any suspicious activity with regard to your finances so that we can take active steps to protect you, your finances, and your future wellbeing.

Mediation and Settlement:

Our office is equipped and ready to mediate, settle, and meet and confer both issue-by-issue and globally, as needed, to service our clients and their cases. Let us not let “social distancing” slow down your case’s progress.  With the court closures, many attorneys and parties are taking this opportunity to immerse in settlement negotiations. Even if we can’t settle the entire case globally, taking this time to narrow the issues so we can limit the amount of court involvement is still a step in the right direction.

If you have questions, review our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) HERE