A divorce is stressful, painful and deemed a life-altering event. Depending on your soon to be ex husband or wife, emotions will be running wild and you need to engage with an attorney who cares about your best interest. Our practice areas range from:

Litigation Vs Mediation

At the end of the day, it is your choice but we will be offering our best advice forward for each individual case. Some break ups are amicable (believe it or not) and mediation which is an out of court settlement makes perfect sense. It is when both parties sit with our mediation attorney and matters are discussed and agreed upon without having the stress of going to court before the judge.

If you are have a hostile and high stress situation where both parties simply cannot agree, litigation is the best way forward. We will present your case before the judge, prepare your case in your best interest and fight to get the outcomes you desire. During this time we will be giving you best advice as to what is realistic vs what is not, we will work with you to ensure you are asking what is legally possible given the facts around your case.

Desai Family Law is able to do both, litigation and mediation. Our recommendation on what you should do comes after we speak with you, make an appointment with us today.