All family dynamics are different – in the way that they operate, the way they interact, and in some instances, in the way that they dissolve. Contrary to popular belief, not all divorces or separations end in dramatic, draining fashion. For couples and families who simply wish to spare the drama and pursue an option that is pragmatic and cooperative, mediation might be the right route for you.

Mediation is a collaborative process used to dissolve your marriage or partnership with the help of a neutral third party. In mediation, you, your partner or spouse, and the mediator will work together to negotiate a settlement agreement that suits your collective needs best – without the cost and stress of litigation.

In mediation, couples discuss the same issues brought about in a standard divorce or separation. These issues range from property division, debt division, asset distribution, and financial support for spouses and children. Your mediator will guide you both in your negotiations, and lend a trained ear for issues or nuances that would otherwise be circumvented by the court. Once negotiations are completed, the mediator will draft a customized settlement agreement for the parties to sign. The paperwork is then sent off to court for filing and approval.

Is mediation right for you?

Mediation may be the right path for you and your spouse or partner if:

  • You would like to stay in decent terms with your partner or spouse.
  • You can disagree with your partner or spouse in a civil manner.
  • The decision to end your marriage or partnership is mutual.

Why choose us? Mediation is a mindful, sensible, and courageous way to dissolve your marriage or partnership and we assure you that we are the right team to cheer you on. We understand what it takes to move onward with dignity.

In the spirit of diversity, Desai Family Law Group is proud to maintain excellent minority relations in the community. We also understand and appreciate the many religious and cultural nuances that affect family ties. Swati Desai’s expertise in multi-jurisdictional issues combined with 15 years of litigation experience, will safely guide you and your family through the challenges of separation.