dna testing

If you are pregnant and in a relationship, but unsure who the father then it is imperative that paternity be established prior to making any orders for custody or support. Paternity cases and disputes are essential when a mother is seeking to establish:

  1. Who the father of the child is
  2. How much to collect for child support [most fathers will want to know this since they will have to provide]

We apply state required scientific tests to determine paternity in defending or litigating all our cases. DNA testing is mandatory. Once the issues are explored, we will review all your options and alternatives to effectively establish paternity. Our aim is to ensure we will get you the rights to financial assistance you and your child legally deserve.

Time is of the essence. Do not delay doing a paternity test as failure to act in a timely manner could result in your inability to collect child support owed to you. Failure to establish paternity within the time constraints set forth in the law, could affect your legal rights to your child if you are the father and could adversely affect a mother’s rights to assert that a man holding himself out as a father should not have any rights to the child since he is not the biological father.

Why go through the pains of establishing paternity?

Knowing who your parents are is very important for a child. Why?

  1. A child deserves to know who their biological mother or father is;
  2. The child gets the emotional benefit of knowing – peace of mind;
  3. Legally it entitles the child to the same benefits as if the parents were married. This includes:
  • Legal documentation that identifies both parents names, blood types, next of kin, etc.
  • Clarity on the child’s birth certificate as to who his or her parents are (rather important we think)
  • Access to family medical records and history
  • Financial support from both parents if they are still alive
  • If they are not alive what inheritance was left for them and where is it maintained
  • The right to receive social security and veteran’s benefits if applicable
  • Access to health and life insurance coverages for either parent

Establishing paternity is essential to protect your rights when it comes to custody and child support.  At times, it is often a necessary process for fathers who have doubts about the true fathers of the children involved.  Our attorneys can help usher you through the paternity establishment process to ensure that your rights are protected.

Most often, paternity must be established through a paternity test, but the courts are very rigid in what they will and will not accept in this process.  Our attorneys are very well-versed in what constitutes a court-admissible test, and we can help you through this emotionally difficult time and process.

To protect your parental rights, call us today to begin the process.