Relocation | Move-Aways

So you are now divorced and have decided that you don’t like the city you live in. IT HAPPENS! Life has to go on and you have a right to move to a city you feel you can have a better quality of life, or perhaps a new job. The issue is if you are divorced and moving, you will need to get a court mandated change to your child custody orders. These can be one of the most challenging things you do but we highly recommend you act on it fast and we will get you a court approved stipulation so you don’t lose valuable time with your child/children.

The truth is, under California law, you cannot just move away for any reason. You cannot deprive your child from the other biological parent. So you may have a great new opportunity for a job, relocating to service military duties for the country or re-establishing yourself in a new relationship in a different state – its all ok, we will help you get a modified child custody order.

International Move-Aways

This can come as a shock to the party who is NOT moving. If you are moving internationally, you cannot uproot your child/children without a court approved order. Our firm is well aware of the Hague Convention and will apply it to your case as we see fit. The International Hague Convention can greatly impact the enforceability of child custody orders.