A Restraining Order

Domestic Violence or any form of Harassment is unacceptable.

A person who is a victim of harassment may seek a restraining order from the court. The person or guardian of a minor who is the victim of harassment may seek a restraining orders on behalf of the minor. A restraining order may be issued against an individual who has engaged in harassment, physical harm, or the threat of inflicting physical harm.

Harassment includes:

Repeated intrusive or unwanted acts, words, or gestures that are intended to adversely affect your safety, security, or privacy, regardless of the relationship between you and the alleged harasser. For internet harassment see our blog HERE.

Digital or Internet Harassment

Of recent times, digital stalking and harassment has been presented to the courts as part of restraining orders. Many perpetrators of digital harassment claim this to be deemed freedom of speech. There are instances where if you are getting harassed via social media, emails and any form of internet exposure that may be deemed harmful to yourself, a judge may consider it as part of your restraining order for further protection. Our job as your attorney is to review your situation carefully and provide you with superior representation. We have dealt with cases related to divorce and post-divorce online digital harassment and have won additional protection for our clients.

If you are a victim of harassment and want to obtain a restraining order, call our office. We can also provide emergency restraining order advice and service going into court ex-parte.