Shy Rous’e

Ms. Rous’e attended Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business, and she earned her Juris Doctor from the Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, NC, graduating with Pro Bono Honors. During law school, she served as a Lt. Governor with the American Bar Association, was an avid member of the Black Law Students Association, and was runner up in a Regional American Bar Association Competition. Ms. Rous’e also clerked at the Los Angeles County Dependency Court.

Prior to joining Desai Family Law Group, Ms. Rous’e worked for a major television and production company as a case researcher. This experience required her to review and analyze hundreds of court documents where she gained extensive knowledge on various legal matters. She has volunteered in many family law related events that range from adoption to juvenile dependency.

Shy Rous’e was born and raised in Long Beach, CA in a single parent household. Growing up, Ms. Rous’e faced adversity at its highest, but her at-risk experience has allowed her to gain deeper empathy and understanding of family issues. She is driven to work vigorously and passionately to help others navigate through the legal process and obtain the requisite information necessary to have a strong case. Ms. Rous’e is personable, prompt, and attentive to the clients at Desai Family Law Group.

Ms. Rous’e is African American and speaks conversational French and is learning Spanish. When not working diligently for our clients, Ms. Rous’e enjoys reading, spending time with family, traveling and volunteering.