Divorce & Special Needs Kids

special needsDivorce is a stressful process. Add in the complex issues around  divorcing with a special needs child and things can get very very complex. We specialize in divorce mediation and litigation for divorcing couples who have a child with special needs. Emotions in these kind of cases run very high especially when it comes to financial support, logistical arrangements and emotional support. The other important thing to remember is the divorce having serious consequences for the special needs child.

Our hope is for all parties to agree through mediation but we cannot predict the outcomes. However in the best interest of the special needs child from a cost perspective we will recommend and steer our legal work through mediation. Should litigation be required we will be advocates to win your case as well but before we commit to a plan, we will be taking all facets of the case into consideration first, discussing what your options are and providing you with the opportunity to make the final decision.

California’s Definition of Children with Special Needs

This was published in the Huffington Post, in 2011.

Divorce and Special Needs Kid